When Balancing Good Health & Life Gets Hard... We make it simpliar!

September 2023
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would explain a whole lot, I asked my doctors tons of questions about
Vaccines when my boys were little, I found them to be the cause of them
being constantly sick and the vaccines were slowly killing Hunter,
said he wouldn’t make it to his first
birthday, that’s when they stopped going to that idiot and we got them
on all natural vitamins that we researched tirelessly to find. I’m proud
to say Hunter is going to be 9 years old this Christmas, he may be
small but he’s very Healthy and hardly ever gets sick.
Vaccines are
NOT SAFE for ANYONE! I don’t care what the doctors say about it, I have
proof that they’re dangerous(my children’s medical records), and that
doctors get paid by the vaccine companies to give them to children to
keep them sick and unhealthy. So in other word doctors lie too!
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Life is change. Tomorrow will be different
from today. you will be a different person-on molecular, physical, and
emotional levels-a year from today. Will you be better or worse off? The
choice is yours. Whoever you choose to Follow on this journey will put
the tools in your hands; you need only decide, each day, to use them

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Blood Health #2
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Did you know that blood contains less water in
winter, slightly concentrating cholesterol? This means your total
cholesterol reading could be a bit higher in winter than in summer. A
study done in 2004 has found that cholesterol levels naturally fluctuate
throughout the year.

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This coming year promises to be amazing for
many of you who are looking for a new, healthy way of life. I am excited
to tell you that you can avoid disease and live as healthy as possible
with abundant energy and improved physical appearance.
Like me, you can take control of your health and transform your life by following the health principals found in the Bible.

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us not stop until every headline across the whole world
reads,”Christians are the healthiest people in the world!” May God Bless
you as you continue your journey toward wholeness. I’ll be praying for
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Exercise #1
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Perhaps you already exercise regularly. If so,
that’s great: Keep it up. Most people find that once they begin an
exercise program, they see results and stick with it. So bear with me
while I convince those who don’t exercise, or who’ve tried and failed,
to make physical activity part of their everyday life.

20 benefits of exercise:
benefits of
exercise are truly extraordinary. Indeed, if some clever salesman could
sell exercise as, say, “The E Technique,” and convince people of all
benefits they’d gain from using it, he would be a billionaire!

Here’s how exercise can help you live a better life for years to come:
1. Exercise can and will make your heart stronger.
2. Exercise burns calories and helps to maintain a healthy weight.
3. Exercise is essential for keeping weight off lost weight.
4. Exercise decreases inflammatory markers.
5. Exercise helps to control your blood sugar and thus helps to manage or prevent diabetes.
6. Exercise can and will improve circulation, which has myriad beneficial health effects.
7. Exercise can and will decrease blood pressure.
8. Exercise increases your cognitive ability, including your ability to concentrate and remain alert.
9. Exercise before or after a meal diminishes the postprandial rise in potentially harmful triglycerides.
10. Exercise decreases your risk for metabolic syndrome.
11. Exercise can and will decrease the levels of “Bad” low density
lipoprotein cholesterol, and increases the levels of “Good” high density
12. Exercise boosts the immune system.
13. Exercise can and will reduce back pain.
14. Exercise lowers your risk for upper respiratory infections.
15. Exercise helps relieve arthritis.
16. Exercise lowers your overall risk of dying prematurely.
17. Exercise can and will make you stronger and more flexible.
18. Exercise, particularly weight bearing exercise, can and will make your bones stronger.
19. Exercise increases your level of endorphins, thus exercise can and will improve your mood and can even fight depression.
20. Exercise reduces the frailty of old age.
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Good Health#2
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no doubt that the positive benefits of physical activity are
extraordinary. Here is a list of the diseases and conditions that
exercise can help prevent and improve:
1. Coronary Artery Disease
2. Heart Disease
3. Stroke
4. Colon Cancer
5. Endometrial Cancer
6. Breast Cancer
7. Prostate Cancer
8. Osteoporosis
9. Obesity
10. Type II Diabetes
11. Depression
12. Dementia
13. Cataracts
14. Macular Degeneration
15. Chronic Lung Disease
16. Arthritis
17. Disability
This is an impressive list. Keep in mind that many of the physiological
benefits will occur immediately. While preventing dementia or
osteoporosis or coronary artery disease would probably rank as a top
long-term goal, you don’t have to wait till old age for the benefits of
exercise to kick in. Exercise will give you an immediate boost in mood,
mental acuity, and overall energy levels. This isn’t surprising when you
appreciate the dramatic effect that physical activity has on the human
body. Yes, you’re sweating a bit, probably breathing heavily, and
perhaps you feel your muscles aching. However, here’s what happening on a
cellular level when you’re active: You’re increasing the activity of
free-radical scavenging enzymes, improving immune function, increasing
circulating T- and B-Lymphocytes, reducing body fat, increasing
gastrointestinal motility, altering hormone levels, improving insulin
resistance, reducing triglyceride levels, and providing beneficial
effects on the inflammatory response. Appreciating the intensely
synergistic effects of physical activity makes it easier to see why its
health benefits are so extraordinary.
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Good Nutrition #1
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A remarkable change is underway. In sedentary, well-nourished population in developed countries, poor food choices abound and obesity rates are rising dramatically. Advice to eat fresh fruits and vegetables is being ignored. French Fries have become the most common vegetable consumed in America. A survey showed that 77% of people who eat french fries would continue to do so even if they found that they caused cancer. Human beings are falling victim to abundance and their own taste buds. Refined sugars, saturated and hydrogenated fats, iron, salt and calcium predominate over antioxidants and B vitamins. The result is humankind is regressing rather than advancing from a nutritional standpoint. Humans are devolving, not evolving. People living in undeveloped lands who eat more raw plant foods have far lower rates of disease than in developed countries. Health Authorities, resigned to admit their efforts to encourage Americans to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables have failed, have now come to realize human populations are going to have to rely upon vitamin supplements to make up for Nutritional shortages in their diets. After decades of telling the public all they needed was a good diet to meet their nutritional needs, the American Medical Association has done an about face and recommended multivitamins. But are Americans taking the right vitamins and minerals? The answer is NO!

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Blood Health #1
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Females experience less Heart Disease and Cancer compared to Males, until women reach menopause when their Iron levels begin to rise. We now know that adults who regularly donate blood, and thus have lower iron levels, are healthier. Blood letting to reduce excessive levels of Iron and Copper is now being considered as a treatment for Cancer, Heart Disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.

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Bone Health #1
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Bone density is not the only marker of bone integrity. Pure calcium crystals produce brittle bones.
Tip #1: Magnesium interferes with crystallization and produces flexible bones that can withstand physical stress.
Tip #2: Boron, a trace mineral, enhances bone hardness.

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1 Corinthians 10:31
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Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

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1 Corinthians 6:19
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