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September 2023
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Exercise #1
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Perhaps you already exercise regularly. If so,
that’s great: Keep it up. Most people find that once they begin an
exercise program, they see results and stick with it. So bear with me
while I convince those who don’t exercise, or who’ve tried and failed,
to make physical activity part of their everyday life.

20 benefits of exercise:
benefits of
exercise are truly extraordinary. Indeed, if some clever salesman could
sell exercise as, say, “The E Technique,” and convince people of all
benefits they’d gain from using it, he would be a billionaire!

Here’s how exercise can help you live a better life for years to come:
1. Exercise can and will make your heart stronger.
2. Exercise burns calories and helps to maintain a healthy weight.
3. Exercise is essential for keeping weight off lost weight.
4. Exercise decreases inflammatory markers.
5. Exercise helps to control your blood sugar and thus helps to manage or prevent diabetes.
6. Exercise can and will improve circulation, which has myriad beneficial health effects.
7. Exercise can and will decrease blood pressure.
8. Exercise increases your cognitive ability, including your ability to concentrate and remain alert.
9. Exercise before or after a meal diminishes the postprandial rise in potentially harmful triglycerides.
10. Exercise decreases your risk for metabolic syndrome.
11. Exercise can and will decrease the levels of “Bad” low density
lipoprotein cholesterol, and increases the levels of “Good” high density
12. Exercise boosts the immune system.
13. Exercise can and will reduce back pain.
14. Exercise lowers your risk for upper respiratory infections.
15. Exercise helps relieve arthritis.
16. Exercise lowers your overall risk of dying prematurely.
17. Exercise can and will make you stronger and more flexible.
18. Exercise, particularly weight bearing exercise, can and will make your bones stronger.
19. Exercise increases your level of endorphins, thus exercise can and will improve your mood and can even fight depression.
20. Exercise reduces the frailty of old age.

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